Digital Twin, the future of engineering

Digital Twin is an emerging market

The term Digital Twin emerged about a decade ago, and although we have seen it surface in multiple use cases and descriptions, it is still waiting for a clear generally accepted definition. In our opinion the Digital Twin can emerge in almost every phase in the lifecycle of a product or system where it acts as a digital counterpart of an actual system or a system in development.

A Digital Twin makes use of the evolution of computing power, helping to generate ever better and even more real time models of actual systems or systems being developed. 

We are looking at the broader picture, and in this picture we see many use cases. We will focus on some key elements within the life cycle of a product or system.

Digital Twins in the development cycle

It starts before and during the development of a system, when concepts are being drawn. The technology aids in envisioning a system’s concept, supporting discussions on the most leading setups. This allows for showing emulated product flows and visualizations of systems that behave to an abstraction level as a real system would. This helps in the sales process, but also in the communication between different stakeholders.

In the development phase Digital Twins are an extension of the world of simulation and emulation. They help to combine different modalities and disciplines, which in the past where hard to connect.

For example, testing behavioural models like Model in the Loop, Software in the Loop and Hardware in the Loop, against virtual models, and physical simulations or emulations. This helps to connect disciplines like mechanical engineering and programming, not only for testing but also for communication on system concepts. It helps to shorten time to market and reduce TCO. In that case the Digital Twin already has an actual physical counterpart.

Once the product or system is up and running, the Digital Twin can be extended to act as the digital counterpart of the actual system in the field. It functions a real time digital dashboard of the system, machine or entire facility. This helps to collect more information about the state of the system, which in turn leads to more insight.
The real-time 3d environment the Digital Twin is providing helps us to better understand the context and helps to unlock insights which might otherwise stay hidden in the data.

Prespective as a Digital Twin.

We have more than a decade of experience in the field of what has now become Digital Twins. We help you and your organization to start your own journey.
Although the possibilities are endless, we always recommend starting with small, reachable goals to get acquainted with the domain of Digital Twinning. This journey starts by acknowledging and understanding the first opportunities, and slowly expanding it into your organisation, helping to unleash it’s full potential.
We will assist you in convincing your stakeholders of the added value Digital Twins can bring, so reach out to us!