Verified Solution Partner

Prespective is powered by – and partner of –  Unity3D, a world leading cross platform gaming engine. On top of the Unity3D Architecture, Prespective adds a list of features making the creation of complex and realistic simulations possible.

Prespective runs on a powerful gaming engine. The physics in Unity3D are far more advanced than the bulk of Industrial Engines or native made engines. All physical laws are applied and Unity3D has a very large developer base, ensuring access to the latest technological developments.

The power of the game engine

Harness the power of the world’s most extensible and widely used real-time development platform to accelerate innovation and gain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.

For designers, engineers, and trailblazers across the manufacturing industry, Unity is the most versatile and widely-used real-time 3D creative development platform for visualizing products and building interactive and virtual experiences.

With extremely high-end renders, simple to use controls and a large database of assets, Unity3D is a stable development platform with cutting edge technology. Your Digital Twin can easily be exported to a second screen, such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.


Open Environment

The Unity-platform allows for connecting an almost endless stream of external data sources to your simulation, making it the most versatile solution in the industry.

Real-time 3D

What you see is what you get, visualising your system in real-time 3d removes barriers and creates common ground between stakeholders.

Continuous development

The Unity Game-engine is being improved continuously, and with a large supportive community they ensure staying at the forefront of technological innovation for years to come.


Prespective and Unity are frequently hosting interesting webinars about how our partnership can add value to you company and market.