The 5 biggest benefits of using Digital Twins in Virtual Prototyping

As one of the world leading Digital Twin software companies, we help a lot of our clients to start with virtual prototyping. In the talks we have with new potential clients, there is always the question: ‘What are the benefits of virtual prototyping?’. 

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Play Rollercoaster Tycoon with your industrial customers

Many large industrial OEM’s and ODM’s are moving from an engineering-to-order approach to a configure-to-order model. Instead of designing and creating all machines from scratch with every incoming order, these companies are assembling a catalogue full of standardized and extensively tested modules and building blocks. That way, they can pick and choose from their own library of readily available options, and deliver their solutions much faster to their customers. Moreover, they can reuse much of their design and engineering efforts, making their whole business process run smoother, safer and more efficient. 

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