Merging Virtual and Physical Worlds

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Prespective is a software platform. The platform is an interactive virtual test environment, in which users continuously test their systems; visual, mechanical, control software, human interaction, and scenarios.

This test-phase is done before the system is being built in hardware. Thereby acting as an advanced virtual prototype and reducing TCO up to 30%.


Gaming Technology

Prespective uses Game Engine technology, enabling real-time simulation and HD graphics. The main advantage is that this allows for true validation of your system.

Cost efficient

The Digital Twin eliminates physical damage, speeds up the development process and enables early error detection. Therefore it decreases the costs drastically.

Faster Time to Market

Prespective enables early access to the system. Therefore multiple disciplines can already work on the system simultaneously, resulting in a shorter time to market.

Operating System

Prespective is an OS for Digital Twins. Create and test Digital Twins of systems, to full extent in a virtual environment, before the real system exists.


Prespective enables you and your team to test your system in a virtual world. It allows you to test your assumptions because the geometry is connected to the real control software. This way you have a communication tool between multiple disciplines such as engineering, mechatronics and software development. You can enrich your virtual model with all sorts of data feeds, build your own inversed kinematic system, creating the ideal MDE toolkit.


By adding logic to your CAD model, Prespective let’s your system come to life in a matter of minutes. Your Virtual Prototype will have the exact same behaviour as a first hardware prototype thus creating a shorter time to market. Driven by the real control software (connected to any type of PLC) your failure costs will be drastically reduced.


In your plant or production line , you will often need to detect collisions between objects and robots. For this purpose, you can use (and monitor) colliders. Prespective allows you to setup a software failsafe in stead of a hardware failsafe.


Prespective is powered by – and partner of –  Unity3D, a world leading cross platform gaming engine. On top of the Unity3D Architecture, Prespective adds a list of features making the creation of complex and realistic simulations possible.


Prespective works by generating a digital twin out of system design files, which is used for real-time simulation and testing. The machinery or factory is fully modelled at the digital level, reproducing the dynamic processes and behavior of system components, driven by the real embedded and high level control software. 

In addition, external factors and the environment – like people, products or even traffic – can be included in the simulation. This allows for parallel development of hardware and software, early error detection and first time right engineering.

Simulation and Virtualization provide overview and insight, allowing system engineers to test assumptions early in the development process. A Prespective simulation can be viewed on a PC screen, but we also support immersion through Virtual- and Augmented Reality. This enables functional testing, virtual training and maintenance. Furthermore, Prespective can also generate output for other purposes such as marketing. For example, a technical animation of the system.

Prespective is powered by Unity3D, a world leading cross platform gaming engine. Unity3D has a very large developer base, ensuring access to the latest technological developments. On top of the Unity3D Architecture, Prespective adds a list of features making the creation of complex and realistic simulations possible.

Features – on top of Unity3D – include: simulation of physics (Newtonian laws), smart 3D Geometry importing (e.g. SolidWorks STEP files), I/O coupling, scenario building for testing, multi user viewing, logging of simulations, and replaying issues.

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