Prespective UI Redesign

In anticipation of our newest release, Prespective is getting a new look and feel. By introducing this redesign, users will experience a different and more intuitive workflow built for increased user productivity. Download the newest Prespective Beta here.

Digital Twin technology is new and emerging. Although Prespective and Unity have a strong and ever increasing foothold in the manufacturing industry, users don’t always know where and how to start.

That was one of the main reasons why we are implementing a new UI, which will steadily be released in the coming months.

As Prespective continues to mature, we need to ensure that the UI is not only intuitive, but that it fits in your workflow.

Our main target was to improve the usability and performance of the UI framework. To accomplish this, we focused on a set of goals:

  1. Distinguish Prespective Tools and Features from the Unity Editor
  2. Apply a uniform layout and style 
  3. Unify interaction methods (similar contexts utilize a common user interaction)
  4. Improve the experience of steps in the process of creating a digital twin by emphasizing the division of Prespective’s features and tools in categories
  5. Take advantage of Unity’s new (introduced 2019) UI framework UIElements.

Implemented in redesign (+ related goals)

  •   Prespective Menu (Goals 1, 2, 4)

·   Color Theme Based on Category (Goals 1, 2, 4)

·   Prespective Tools that work based on active selection give clear UI feedback. This prevents ambiguity on the necessary input or user action a tool requires. (Goal 3)

·   Overall improved layout for windows and editors – example: old vs new Prelogic Simulator (Goal 2)

Old features will all have redesign UI’s in the next Beta release. Items that will have new UI implemented: new Physics, Discrete Event Simulation. Discrete event simulation will also utilize Node Editors that allow ‘visual coding’.

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