Prespective partners up with Unity3D

Dutch Prespective and American game engine giant Unity Technologies have agreed on a strategic partnership in which the latter will market and sell the digital twin toolbox from Eindhoven on a worldwide scale. This deal will move Prespective closer to its ambition to become a global player in the digital twin market.

Verified Solutions Partners represent a collection of 3rd-party SDKs, plugins, editor applications, cloud services, and more that enable the success of your project while ensuring deeper technical alignment with partners’ products and services to ensure 0% developer downtime. Partners accepted into the program go through a verification process to ensure their SDK or software is optimized for the latest version of Unity, including our Long-Term Support (LTS) release. The testing is conducted on an ongoing basis with the latest Unity releases, so developers can always be sure these solutions will work with the latest version of Unity. Unity Verified Solutions Partners who have passed our testing and verification process will receive a Verification badge to acknowledge their technical compliance.

Unity: ”Prespective is a company focused on digital twin solutions for the automotive and manufacturing industries. Prespective lets you use a digital system model to simulate the behavior of a system, exactly as it would perform in the real world. The system is fully interactive, on screen as well as in virtual reality and augmented reality.

Prespective provides the ideal system behavior simulation tool, where the virtual system is tested before it is built. The best part? The entire software is built on top of Unity.

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