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Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Prespective platform?

PREspective is a software tool that makes it easy to make a Digital Twin of your machine or system.

What is a Digital Twin?

A Digital Twin is a virtual representation of your machine or system. A Digital Twin is a close to the physical machine or system as possible, which allows for testing of machine control software, behavior testing, logistics, fault scenarios and everything else you would do on you physical system.

What do I need to use Prespective?

PREspective runs within the Unity3D Engine. It requires version 2018.3.x or later. It works both with the free and the professional versions of Unity

Can Prespective connect with IoT devices?

Prespective supports a wide array of external device connection protocols, such a ADS, S7 and OPC UA. It is possible to extend the Prespective platform with custom connections to specific devices. Basically anything that can communicate with a (Windows) PC can be connected to Prespective.

What 3D files are supported within Prespective?

PREspective uses the PIXYZ plugin to import assembly files. For an UpToDate list of which file types are supported, please refer to

Can Prespective simulate complex systems in real time?

Prespective is designed to test systems and machines in real time, incorporating physics with internal or external controlled virtual components, like motors, belts, grippers, robots or your own custom component.

Does Prespective support FMU integration?

Yes, Prespective supports the use of FMU’s with the framework. It is possible to incorporate FMU’s as parts of your Digital Twin.

Can I get a free trial version of Prespective?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. We are happy to provide a (fully functional) trial version of Prespective for you and your colleagues to evaluate.

Can Prespective be connected to a (virtual) PLC?

Yes. Prespective has bridging tools supporting common PLC protocols like Twincat, OPC UA, Profined etc. It can be connected to actual PLC’s or their virtual version running on a PC.

Can Prepective be connected to software tooling like Model Driven Engineering in software development?

Yes. Prespective can be connected to system behaviour running in MDE tooling from companies like: Mathlab, Wolfram, Verum, Cordis, Festa etc.

Can Prespective be adjusted and extended?

Yes. We propagate the open character of the framework and the Unity3D engine, so you can extend it where necessary.

What are the functions/features of Prespective?

You can ask for a Metro Map by sending an email to

Can physics be added to Prespective?

Yes. By using Unity3D and Prespective you have the ability to add realtime physics to your digital twin and simulation

Can AR/MR and VR hardware be connected to Prespective?

Yes. All the AR and VR hardware with an SDK or API for Unity3D can be connected. We also support library tools and objects to make your life easier.

Can Prespective operate in the cloud?

Yes. It can run on GDaaS solutions (GPU in the cloud), we work with different suppliers such as Azure Stack. If you are interested reach out to our team.

Can I share my license with collegues?

Ask us for the options regarding licensing.