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Prespective download archive

Welcome to our download archive. Here  you can download previous versions of Prespective, both full releases and beta versions. Your license key is valid for all versions of Prespective. Please note that there is no support on version older than 1 year.  We advise you to back up your project before updating of downgrading to a different version of Prespective.

As a Unity Verified Solution Partner we try to make sure we are compatible with the latest Unity releases. Please read our documentation to make sure your Prespective version works with your Unity version.

Be sure to check out our Release notes page to ensure you are well informed about new features, bug fixes and the changelog.
Release notes


June 12, 2020

Beta Releases

Beta 2021.1.1208.2
April 22, 2021
Beta 2020.1.1500.2
November 26, 2020
Beta 2020.1.54.2
May 24, 2020
Beta 2020.1.45.2
May 18, 2020
Beta 2020.1.33.2
May 24, 2020
Beta 2020.1.32.2
April 22, 2020
Beta 2020.1.33.3
April 14, 2020
Beta 2020.0.33.2
March 9, 2020