Our demo's

Some of our use cases in video


(Re) Watch the key-note of Prespective’s CTO Guido van Gageldonk at the Unite Fair in Copenhagen 2019

This video shows you our famous Easy Five Step Program : how build a virtual prototype or digital twin.

Find out how to import a FMU file using Prespective for Unity.

This video shows you a how to create spline animations in your simulation. This feature will become available in a future release of Prespective.

This video shows you a demo gantry build in Unity using Prespective. The system has kinematics, fysics and a connection to an outside logic controller.

This videotutorial shows you how you can build and setup kinematics for a robot using Prespective for Unity.

One robot is imported using the FMU importer of Prespective, the other robot is build using the kinematic system and logic systems of Prespective.

This video guides you through core features like mesh selection and building up a gantry to a full interactive simulation/digital twin.

This is a video of the 3D printer demo of Prespective.