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Lan Handling Technologies was founded in an attic in 1969 by drawing three palletisers, a loader and unloader for the first customer Burcht Conserven, the business grew considerably in the nineties. In 1995 90% was export and complete machine lines for canned fruit and vegetables and (pet) food factories were built at that time. After the year 2000 customers expected more and more data and capacity. Robots were integrated in the handling systems to meet these needs. In July 2015 Lan acquired Abar Automation BV, situated in Halfweg near Amsterdam. Together they now also manufacture handling systems for bags, bins, stretch and flow-wrapped products. And from here? These days they partner with universities and innovative start-ups on topics such as Industry 4.0, Digital Twins and Big Data.

Prespective came in on the Digital Twin topic and to make an Industrial Assets library happen. Right now, the project is not already finishes, it’s an ongoing process. But we would like to share already some amazing milestones we delivered so far.

For this specific project we worked together with among others:
Milou, [functie] , LAN Handling Technologies

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It’s a challenge to explain what you sell and why some things cost a certain amount of money, especially if you cannot show the value yet… until now. Lan Handling Technologies will be one of the first companies that cannot only modulate & simulate your whole, new factory in the cloud, but also can say how much it will bring you. Bring to you in time, money, and revenue. Let’s say this is a discovery of unknown value and as Prespective we’re proud to say that the best is yet to come.

The question of LAN Handling Technologies was to provide the sales engineers with a tool to design a modular production line while they at a potential customer. Because these days it’s hard to explain distinguishing features are. Especially since the world is becoming a place where technology is becoming more difficult. For someone who needs to make the decision whether to buy, it’s even harder with no background in this kind of digital twin technology.

So, what we did is to create a visual tool for sales to support conversations well and to help companies to move faster from ETO to CTO. So more and more toward modular assets that can be linked in a flexible way together.

Our skilled people managed therefore, to create a virtual environment in Prespective for LAN to make internal choices for the customer easier and at the same time to make the choice easier to pick the modules the customer should build.

When are you going to invest in real-time 2D? Prespective makes the future happen.

With the use of Prespective its possible to test with several digital twins in the virtual word. Testing more and more configurations while the lead time is so much shorter than creating all the set-ups in real life. What you can do with Prespective is truly amazing. With Prespective’s kinematic toolset it is even possible predict possible collisions between the C-arch and other hardware.


LAN Handling technologies is a very good relationship of ours. We have been working together for three/four years now. It all started back in the days with the question if we would be able to attach geometry to PLC and from there we managed to work together in several projects.

For this project we had a scoping session and from that moment on we have worked online together. In the process we had a continues feedback-loop so goals and expectations were continuously included. Only in this final phase we often will go there to train people in Prespective in a covid-proof way.

LAN is the first company that “adopted” our Industrial Asset solution. Therefore, this project was not only a journey for LAN, but also for us. In the upcoming phases LAN will also help to build new modules! Co-creation was and will be a reality in the future, which we really love!


In this agile process we manager to find a workflow that suited both companies very well. It was an adjustable ride and we’re proud to sum up some milestones we’re proud of.

Achieved goals:
∙Explaining and demonstrate scenarios to the customer whereby production does not have to come to a halt. This data is then also used to provide insight and convince the end customer.
∙Being able to make the quotation process clearer and quicker.
∙Calculate way quicker the in- and output.
∙Faster insight into what is delivered and what is possible at all.

Goals for 2022:
∙Save a lot of time and money by pushing through CTO.
∙Being able to build complete setups without programming.

We at Prespective believe the innovative character and features of this solution makes this case unique and outstanding for the industry. We are in for the next challenge, are you? Let’s unleash the digital twin possibilities of the future right now.