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Digital Twin experts with a proven track record

Situated in the heart of the Dutch ‘Brainport‘ area, Prespective has specialized in visualizing technologically complex products and systems with unparalleled precision.

After identifying major bottlenecks when setting up an environment for virtual testing with traditional tools, our team developed an innovative workflow that leverages the power of Unity3D, extended with custom tools that boost the game engine to the level of detail the high-tech industry demands. This tailored approach enables us to efficiently and accurately set up a Digital Twin for unique mechanical systems.

Our development team consists of highly specialized digital twin professionals, with years of experience in designing and maintaining simulation projects.

Our mission is to provide high-tech industry with independent solutions for software verification, with personal support for each client’s unique demands.

Extending the Unity3D simulation engine with CAD optimization tools, features for discrete event simulation and physics-based kinematics, all with unparalleled levels of precision and performance, Prespective has been recognized as one of the market’s leading organizations when it comes to the development of digital twins for virtual development and -commissioning.

Our certified partnership with Unity3D ensures our solution is systematically verified by an independent team of external analysts.

Prespective is created by Unit040, an Eindhoven-based company with more than 15 years of experience in the high-tech sector.

Prespective Developer Team

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Employee Interview

Read what it’s like to work at Prespective!

“The best thing about working for Prespective? You get all the time and freedom to develop yourself.”

How do you find out what it’s really like to work for a particular company? Right, you ask the people who do it every day! In this interview we speak with our own Tim de Koning. Tim is 25 years young, lives in Venlo and has been working for Prespective for 4 years now. What does he like best about his job? What about the work culture? He talks about it in detail…

Sticking around

Tim started at Prespective in 2017. “I studied in Enschede and did my graduation assignment here. After that, I ‘got stuck’, he laughs. “I am now an R&D developer. The company has been around for 13 years, but the Research & Development department was founded 1.5 years ago. And so I was involved from the start.” Now Tim is mainly concerned with analyzing problems: “I convert desired functions of our customers into working functionalities within our software platform.”

You learn skills ‘on the job’

Striking detail: Tim may be a developer, but he has no programming background. “I studied Industrial Design. There I learned how to develop physical products. I can partly apply that to software development. But I learned the level of programming required for this job here on the job.” And that is also one of the main reasons for Tim to work at Prespective. “You get an unprecedented freedom to develop yourself. If there’s something you’re interested in and it applies to the work we do for our clients, together we’ll find a way to make it happen,” he explains.

How I work, I decide for myself

Tim feels very free to chart his own path. “Of course, prioritizing is done in consultation,” he says. “But how I work and what I do exactly, I decide for myself. If there are things that need to be done, we just consult each other and discuss who will do what. And if you think something seems fun, you indicate it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t already have the skills to do the job. This simply frees up time so that you can learn the necessary skills.”

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Short lines of contact

There are so many jobs in this region, especially if you have a technical background. Especially the large employers are looking for talent. So why did Tim choose to work for a smaller company? “Obviously this is my first job, so I don’t know what it’s like to work for a large multinational, haha. But a smaller company has always appealed to me more. The lines are short here, the atmosphere is informal and everyone knows each other. You can go straight to the CEO. And that is certainly not the case everywhere,” he says.

Tim also mentions the speed of work as a big advantage. “For example, if I notice that we’ve overlooked something that the customer desperately needs, I’ll report it,” he explains. “I can often realize the requested functionality for the customer within a few weeks – together with my colleagues who have just a little more technical knowledge than I do.”

People are much more valuable if they can grow

Do you think that a smaller company like Prespective gives you more opportunities to develop yourself? “Perhaps,” Tim replies. “But I know that the gentlemen who founded the company all have the same background as me. In the beginning, for example, they knew little about things like sales and marketing. So they understood: if we want to realize this as a company, we have to learn those skills.”

“And I think that’s where that belief comes from: people can be a lot more valuable to your business if you give them the time and space to develop,” he adds. Tim also mentions the impact you have on the product you make together as a major advantage: “Because we have a relatively small team, everyone makes a major contribution. Not only in the product we develop, by the way, but also in the way we work. We have developed these together within R&D over the past 1.5 years. And of course we are constantly updating our working method.”

Everyone is very fond of each other

And the atmosphere, what about that? “It’s super relaxed,” Tim says with a laugh. “Everyone gets along. We make silly jokes all day long. Of course: there are plenty of moments when everyone is quiet and concentrated at work. But you can always come to each other for a chat. We are a close-knit club, everyone cares about each other. A less pleasant example: last year there were a number of deaths in the families of colleagues. Then everyone is present at the funeral. A much nicer example: I’m getting married next year and all my colleagues will be invited!”

That sounds like a very nice, informal work culture. “It really is!” confirms Tim. “And if something bothers you – whether it concerns work content or on a personal level – you can indicate that. You are always listened to. For example, a while ago I discussed with my manager that I thought it was quite hard to spend 10+ hours in the car every week. There was an immediate solution: I now work from home on Fridays. In principle, your contract states that you have to be at the office from half past eight to five, but you can make other arrangements. The other days I always start early, around 7.30, and go home on time. That way I am ahead of the traffic jams.”

Do what you like best

Okay, finally, the key question: why do you think people should come and work at Prespective? “What makes it most attractive to me is the freedom you have to chart your own path and develop,” Tim reiterates. “It doesn’t even matter what background you have. As long as you find it interesting, you can learn it here. Then you just do what you like best. And that’s the most important thing, right? Then you really enjoy going to work.”

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