Digital Twins for Industry

specialized in Virtual Commissioning

Independent Real-Time 3D Simulation experts

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Get on the same page with multiple stakeholders

Early Testing

Detect and resolve errors before moving into production


Export simulation data to identify bottlenecks


Connect your control software for virtual commissioning

Come and see the future, with Prespective!

With a digital twin from Prespective you can virtually develop and test your mechanical system with unparalleled precision.

The pragmatic approach of our highly specialized project teams ensures the development of a digital twin that adds measurable value to your engineering department.

Prespective is trusted by leading manufacturing companies

  • Digital Twin Roadmap

    Discover the best place to start your Digital Twin journey based on your organization’s unique context and objectives.

  • Virtual Prototyping

    Simulate, evaluate and optimize design proposals before committing to a physical prototype.

  • Virtual Commissioning

    Test and optimize your control software in a virtual environment to increase quality and reduce costs.

“We partnered up with Prespective because we believe that Digital Twin Technology will be fully integrated in the total lifecycle of our products and services. Prespective has proven to be a perfect solution to this vision.”

“The quickness of setting up a Virtual Prototype of our product is amazing. The openness of the software allows us to create our own Festo library so we can supply our customers with a vast database of working components.”

“The biggest ROI lies in the fact that we now have a working model that allow our teams to work more agile thus more efficient. For example: our sales team can show working models of products that are still in development.”