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Get on the same page with multiple stakeholders


Configure systems with your customers


Optimize & estimate product flow


Show the results in high quality 3D

Imagine that…

you will have the tools to design and configure your factory in a real-time 3D environment, without any coding, using an asset library of industrial components. Design, test and refine your virtual factory with high efficiency and precision.

Drag and drop your portfolio products to configure the  right setup for your client.  The Prespective team will bring your portfolio products into an easily accessible library from which you can drag and drop assets into a professional 3D setting.

Prespective can help with the next valuable steps as well:  Flow Simulation for Engineering. You will be able to configure the product flow, optimize the setup and show your client the right numbers will be met. So bring clarity and quality to your customers and accelerate their buying decision.

Do you recognize this?

  • You’re having challenges with creating a new factory floor
    because of the static CAD drawings and Excel sheets instead of
    a real-time 3D factory.
  • You have the assignment to make your process ETO to CTO
    but the current way of working isn’t ever near that.
  • It’s hard to visualize the benefits of the  solution including
    throughput for your customer.
  • Your customer would love the know the parameters of the
    solution you’re trying to sell, but you cannot give any guarantees.
  • Your engineers do not have the time to learn a new software
    tool but also need a new tool now… it’s a real sales dilemma for you.

Prespective is trusted by leading manufacturing companies

How to proceed?

If you act fast, you will succeed in a quicker time to market of your products and have no struggles anymore with budget overruns due to complex commissioning. Among other, your frustration about misinterpreted sketches and design set-ups from colleagues and clients will disappear. The discussion about new projects with clients and co-workers will be a streamlined process.

So, why wait with the right solution and the right moment? Solve all your challenges and accelerate your sales. Make support, commitment, and budget possible and create success!

“We partnered up with Prespective because we believe that Digital Twin Technology will be fully integrated in the total lifecycle of our products and services. Prespective has proven to be a perfect solution to this vision.”

“The quickness of setting up a Virtual Prototype of our product is amazing. The openness of the software allows us to create our own Festo library so we can supply our customers with a vast database of working components.”

“The biggest ROI lies in the fact that we now have a working model that allow our teams to work more agile thus more efficient. For example: our sales team can show working models of products that are still in development.”