Digital Twin Software for Industry

Create real-time digital prototypes of your mechanical systems

and unlock the power of Virtual Commissioning

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Get on the same page with multiple stakeholders

Early testing

Detect and reduce errors in an early stage


Analyze the system and identify bottlenecks


Link your actual PLC’s to validate every design decision

Come and see the future, with Prespective!

It takes foresight to stay ahead of the game, Prespective is built to get you there.

Our virtual test platform allows you to align insights of all your stakeholders and validate assumptions throughout the entire development process.

Virtual Prototyping

Facilitate multi-disciplinary decision making by aligning all stakeholders in the development process; sales, mechanical engineering, software engineering and management.

Use your own CAD data to explore and compare different design proposals in Prespective, and validate your assumptions before committing to a physical prototype.

Prespective leverages the power of Unity3D, allowing you to evaluate these scenarios in an interactive, high-fidelity environment.

Virtual Commissioning

Test and optimize your control software in a virtual environment (before deployment of the physical machine) to simultaneously increase quality and reduce costs.

Prespective enables validation of your system’s happy flow, as well as testing its resilience by running fail scenarios; a very costly, potentially dangerous and time-consuming process to apply in the real world.

Prespective allows you to prove your software is truly as effective and reliable as your standards demand.

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