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Configure systems with your customers


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Show the results in high quality 3D

Imagine that…

You can present your system to your customer as if it is already installed and running. Showing your system in a beautiful 3D environment, seeing the flow, and even estimating the throughput. Your customer would gain the ultimate insight up front (in pre-spect), to make a buying decision. This would accelerate your sales drastically.

The best thing is… you won’t merely have to imagine this: it’s here!

In Prespective you can:

  • Configure systems with your customers
  • Optimize and determine the product flow
  • Present the results in high quality 3D

This is how it works

  • Configure systems with your customers
    Configure a specific setup for your customer, by dragging your systems and/or modules directly into a 3D world and  customize them in real-time

  • Optimize and determine the product flow
    In addition to showing the system itsélf in 3D, it is also possible to show the product flow thróugh the system. Thanks to Prespective’s advanced technology, you can even see an estimate of the product flow and optimize it at various points in the system.

  • Present the results in high quality 3D
    Through the high-quality 3D presentation and the insight this provides, a very clear central means of communication is created. This allows you to include your customer and other stakeholders in the process from the first moment of contact.

Prespective is trusted by leading manufacturing companies

How to proceed?

Our philosophy is: Information in Pre-spect (instead of in retro-spect). Showing the world in Prespect creates clarity, insight and thereby efficiency; both in time, costs and energy.

The first value lies in a strongly accelerated sales process; by giving a customer full insight in Pre-spect and thus convincing them.

However, the technology behind Prespective creates even more possibilities. Companies that have Digital Twin (technology) on their roadmap can, if desired, further integrate with Prespective step by step, towards highly accurate system simulation for Engineering.

“We partnered up with Prespective because we believe that Digital Twin Technology will be fully integrated in the total lifecycle of our products and services. Prespective has proven to be a perfect solution to this vision.”

“The quickness of setting up a Virtual Prototype of our product is amazing. The openness of the software allows us to create our own Festo library so we can supply our customers with a vast database of working components.”

“The biggest ROI lies in the fact that we now have a working model that allow our teams to work more agile thus more efficient. For example: our sales team can show working models of products that are still in development.”